Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hitting the Spot

Sometimes that is a harder task than it seems it should be.

My latest sex toy to review from edenfantasys, Jenna's Velvet G g-spot vibrator, was designed to "hit the spot."

Sir started out using the toy on my boobs.  Sir loves playing with my boobs.  He quite often stimulates them using my Hitachi and wanted to see how this toy compared.  I suppose it wasn't a fair match up to begin with --- a smaller battery operated toy matched against Mr. Hitachi.  There really wasn't enough power behind the toy to feel the stimulation.

Sir is a patient man.  He rarely goes straight for the main event.  He loves building up the anticipation.  This being his practice, he went next for another sensitive spot.  Again he often uses Mr. Hitachi here as well.  Same scenario.  Not really enough power to feel much stimulation.

Now Sir is ready to get down to business.  We try the toy for it's intended purpose --- to hit the spot!

I'm not sure if it was a mismatch between the toy and my anatomy or just a design issue, but the toy just didn't work for me.  It was actually a bit painful.  It felt like it was somehow got hooked inside me.  Also, it was a bit loud.  Noise usually isn't a huge distraction for me, but this was distracting.

It was three strikes for some of Sir's favorite activities.  So I guess the toy is out!  But, there are lots of other options for g-spot vibrators, so I'm sure we will be trying one soon.  If you try one, read the reviews.  They are very helpful.

We were in fits of laughter after my description of how the toy felt and it getting three strikes.  But, three strikes does not mean the end of the game.  Especially not in Sir's game plan.  So, he says, "Let's see if we can get you back in the mood."  Ummmmm.... Yes, that's not hard to do.  Especially when I know what it is on Sir's mind.