Friday, November 6, 2015

Bait and Switch

I've said it (more than) once and I'll say it again:  He did not tell me the truth.  I asked upfront if he was a sadist.  His answer was, "no."  Hmph.

I can always hear it in his voice when he starts talking about what he wants to do to me on my next visit.  Well, that visit is now!

We tried something different this time. Instead of flying in on Friday morning, I took a late night Thursday flight.  The plane arrived at around 11:00 pm and then a about a 30 minute drive home.  I wasn't sure how we would both do with those hours -- me leaving straight from work and him driving to the airport that late.  Thursday is one of his "long" work days.  But, we both feel it worked out okay.  We have an extra night together and I don't have to get to the airport at 4:30 Friday morning and half the day be gone by time I get there.  Almost unrelated tangent...I've been flying through Nashville instead of Atlanta.  I really like Nashville's airport.  It's different.  Feels cozy.  I love Sir's airport.  There is always (well...seldom not there) a guy in the lobby playing the piano.  It is wonderful.  I'm amazed everytime I arrive.

Okay...onto the relevant part. The flight got in a little late so it was close to midnight when we got home. <<<<Backup a bit.  I, as noted, was hesitant about the late night flight so Sir assured me of the advantages.  Also previously noted.  To further assure me, he said when I got here we could go right to bed....after a "little" play time. 

Please reference post title and intro sentence. 

It was classic bait and switch!!! When will I ever learn? Evidently never!!!

So we got home around midnight and by 12:45 a.m. (that's 12:45 AM, mind you) I am already so sore I can't stand to be touched.  Do you think a person who commits chronic Bait and Switch would stop touching me then?  Simply stated, NO!  He was getting quite a kick out of me almost hitting the ceiling every time he ran his finger down my slit.

Sadist.  Bait and Switch Sadist.