Sunday, June 5, 2011

Purple People Eater

Mini vibe with some Mega wow!
Purple people eater is the first thing I thought when I got my mini bullet from EdenFantasys, the on-line retailer of adult sex toys.

When I first chose this vibrator for review, I did so mainly because it was remote controlled, not giving much consideration for its power as a vibrator.  I mean, it's so small how could such a tiny vibe compare to other vibrators?

Turns out I was in for a few surprises related to this vibrator.  While the vibe on this mini bullet is not much bigger than a quarter, it carries a lot of power in that small area.  With four vibration settings, you can go from just a light teasing at the lower settings to some real stimulation at the higher settings.  Of course it has been great for clitoral stimulation, but we've used it for nipple stimulation as well.

This vibe is very mobile.  The remote control easily fits into a pocket and the cord is amply long to be placed on those sensitive spots!  The vibe is so quiet it could be called silent.  The only noise I ever hear is from the clicks when clicking up the power setting!  Well the only noise I ever hear from the vibrator, that is.  This silent quality makes it a nice little toy for some "private" play in public.  Which leads to another of my surprises related to this toy.

When Sir saw what my review toy would be, I think he immediately planned to send me out in public with it.  We have done quite a bit of "bedroom" play with the mini bullet, but I think Sir enjoyed the public outing more.

Sir sent me to a local mall fitted with the mini vibe and with directions to find a crowded area.  The crowded area didn't bother me so much because of the noise factor, because the vibe really is virtually silent.  But, by the time I had found a really crowded area, the vibe had been on for a few minutes and was already causing some really nice sensations.  I was already trying different stances and positions to get the maximum effect out of the vibe.  I'm sure if people took notice, they would have thought I had ants in my pants. It wasn't ants, it was a purple people eater!  I was constantly wiggling to get the most contact and stimulation I could.

Sir had me walk around the mall for quite awhile, the vibe on the ENTIRE time.  At one point, he had me go to the food court and sit.  The added pressure of the chair pressing the vibe closer was intoxicating.  We had to turn it off at that point or have a really public incident.  Plus, it has been on for a while and was getting a little warm.  The little thing needed a rest.  Well....several little things needed a rest at that point!!!!

Having, quite literally, buzzed around the mall for a few hours, Sir sent me to a restroom for some more direct stimulation!   A time that would have had a splendid conclusion except for the entrance of a mommy with a very unhappy baby.  Mood we took the play to my car, which was parked in the first parking spot in the row.  I know, not the smartest place to park for playing, but I wasn't even considering that when I parked. So, the end of this play session with the bullet was ultimately delayed until I was once again home.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this purple people eater.  It packs a lot of pleasurable punch in a very small area.  I can't stress enough how absolutely quiet it is.  It is easily cleaned and very mobile.  It's a great little vibe that I thoroughly recommend.

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