Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sweet Release

Hard, hard, hard week.

Things are beyond nutzo at work. 

I was stranded twice by my car this week.  Once was my doing. Left some lights on and completely drained the battery.  The second time I think she (yes, my car is a she -- although I wonder sometimes because she has a stick!) just flat out rebelled against my mistreatment of her.

But mostly, and it's a BIG MOSTLY, is because Sir has been away this week and we've had far less MUCH MUCH MUCH LESS opportunity to be together.  I've known for a while this week was coming.  Last week I was so sad as it approached.  But, I had a lightning bolt thought early this week that helped me.  I thought if Sir has to hear E   V   E   R   Y   D   A  Y this week how sad I was, then I would not be doing a very good job of serving him and making him happy.  So I decided quickly that having a good attitude could be a way that I serve him.

That decision helped my attitude. Immensely. But, it didn't make me miss Sir any less.

This morning, though, we had a little extra time.  And we used every minute of it!  Oh, it was so wonderful to be with him.  Such a sweet release after a week of near abstinence.  Badly needed by both parties.



  1. I'm so glad you got to spend some time with your Sir:).

    Sorry about your car, too.


    1. Thank you, Kitty. I missed him so much and it was so wonderful just to spend some time with him.

      And the car is going to see the doctor tomorrow!!! ;-)

  2. Sometimes its hard to keep a good attitude when your away from your Dominant, i know i struggle in between the times i see mine because i miss him and i have to give myself a good talking to..somtimes it works and sometimes he gives me the attitude adjustement.

    Im glad things worked out positively in the end, they usually do.


    1. tori, the worst is over now. It was a good lesson for me in attitude adjustment. I could have made our week much worse than it was.

  3. that was a positive approach you took and a good one helps both parties to cope with absence, and look what delicious fun you had to together in coming back to each other.

    blossom x

    1. blossom, we did have delicious fun! And Sir has promised to make up for lost time this weekend!