Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Got A Spanking

That probably isn't considered big news for a kinky blog!  And, it's especially not the most titillating news in the kinky blog world!

But, still....

I got a spanking.

It's my first since we were together in November.  I haven't had a spanking since. 

If I didn't know Sir better, I'd say it was because I used a bit of inappropriate language watching the Bulls play tonight.  But, I don't get punishment spankings.  Ever.  It's just not Sir's thing.  Not that he would spank me for inappropriate language either.

Still, my first spanking since November.  Well, at least my first ass spanking.  My other parts have had spankings aplenty!

I've wondered about not getting spanked since we were together.  I've kinda had this feeling of dread about having a spanking again.   I have, being who I am,  analyzed it up and down, backwards and forwards.  I think it's because I feared being disappointed by it.

It's difficult being in an LDR.  If Sir wants me to have a spanking, I have to administer it for him.  I have a vivid imagination though and get my mind in a certain place pretty quickly that it is Sir giving me the spanking.  Or, that he actually there, not over the phone, wanting me to spank myself for him.  Weird, maybe, but it works.  Because really who would spank themselves?  Pfft

Since November, though, I've dreaded not being able to get back in that space because...well, I've had Sir really spank me now.  I felt like I would want him again too much to get in that space.

After watching the Bulls fumble (well, there weren't any real fumbles, at least not that I remember) to a win, we were going to take a dinner break and connect again a little later.  That is until Sir decided I needed a spanking.

Yes, Sir.

As usual, my dread was for naught. And all it took was pulling down my panties and counting the first spank.  I was in that place.

Still, I can't wait until the end of the month when Sir comes to visit again and I get his real spankings again.

Love & SSO


  1. I'm so glad your dread was for naught. If only we could remember that it usually is when we are stuck in it :)

  2. Spanking is always big news..well other peoples that is lol

    I am beginning to wander if it is a submissive trait to over analyse everything? i do and im pretty sure i end up more confused than when i started!

    Not long before you see each other again, you must be so excited.


  3. I love you administering spankings for me and am pleased you no longer have to analyze as you await my many spankings on my next visit.


  4. I must admit I've never had the pleasure of a self-administering a spanking. How awesome for you!