Saturday, March 19, 2011

Simply Complicated

I always hesitate when someone says, "So, tell me about yourself." I suppose that tells one of the foremost things about me -- I'm not an easy person to get to know.  I suppose if I were a crustacean I would be a clam.  Are clams crustaceans?  Oh well, you know what I mean.  No clams aren't crustaceans.  They are molluscs.  Which tells you a second prominent thing about me.  I can't stand to be in the dark, so to speak, on a matter.  If I don't know the answer, I will research until I find the answer.  This attribute often leads me into trouble because some people tend to see me as having to always prove my point.  (Well, maybe that is true. Maybe I don't know how to just let things go!)  To me it is more about resolving discrepancies.  Still, I don't like that this tendency is often a point of conflict because I truly, truly dislike being misunderstood.  This is probably because one of my deepest desires is to be known.  Just to be known.  To be able to live bared and transparent and just know that I am known.  And that, I have found, is simply complicated.


  1. Welcome, we will get to know you and you in turn will get insight about yourself as you learn what parts we get to see. Fun isn't it.

  2. Welcome!

    Discrepancies drive me crazy too. :-)

  3. Thank you Sir J and stumblingchi for the welcome.

  4. Perhaps clams aren't bloggers either!

    But you desire to be known - an interesting desire, to be bare and transparent.

    You dislike being misunderstood - I think we all do. It will happen on here though. It is so very difficult not to write in a way where perhaps the tone may be misunderstood or one has not expressed oneself quite correctly. But that will happen rarely if you are thoughtful and careful.

    But the more bare and open you are - naked to your readers - the more likely you will be to avoid being misunderstood.

    I look forward to you becoming known through baring yourself - your thoughts, your desires, your words ... your soul?

    Good luck. We will I am sure watch with interest and perhaps wonder. It could turn out to be a fascinating ride.

    P xx

  5. Welcome! I look forward to reading your blog!


  6. Thanks, Pygar, for the welcome and insight. I hope this turn out to be a fascinating ride.

  7. Thanks for the welcome, Serenity. I hope I post something worth reading!

  8. Hello and a warm welcome to our community. I look forward to stopping by soon.


  9. You have already posted something worth reading, but we would be happy to read more. Welcome.

    (word verification - glumm - hopefully not)

  10. ronnie,

    Thanks for stopping by. You are welcome any time!


    Thanks for the welcome and the compliment. I am thoroughly enjoying the Frederick and Agnes story BTW. Looking forward to the next installment.

  11. I have those same qualities, but I have learned to let a lot of things go. I only get all bull dog like on it if it's important to me!

    It's important to understand why you believe/feel the way you do which is what probably leads you to research your 'point' so thoroughly. I believe it's the reason I do it.

    Oh, and sometimes to be 'right'. :) lol

    Welcome to the blogosphere!


  12. So I was reading the book Erotic Surrender yesterday and noticed a list of "pillow talk" words. Basically, a dirty word thesaurus. And it seems that clam is a term used for vagina - interchangeable, of course, with pussy. That is one I had never heard before.

    So, on my grand introduction of myself to the blog world, I called myself a pussy. Hello, world here I am. That's just me.