Friday, July 15, 2011

And the Champion is....

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And my twisted mind immediately starts hearing Queen's lyrics "we are the champions."  Said lyrics of course going along with Queen's "We Will Rock You." Which is just what the Champ flex vibrator from EdenFantasys will do. Rock you.

The Champ flex is one of many traditional vibrators available from EdenFantasys.  It is quite an impressive "Champ" too.  In my opinion, it belongs in the heavyweight category.  This is no lightweight vibe.  My Champ "weighed in" at 9 3/4" long, with 8 3/4" insertable length, and 6" circumference.  This differed from the stats on the web page, so you can probably expect some fluxations in your Champ's numbers as well.

And the winner is....
The "Champ" is big.  Big for what I'm accustomed to anyway.  So, Sir says we'll just have to have more rounds with the "Champ" so my sparring with it will improve! Sir has to warm me up with some more lightweight sparring to get me ready to go a few rounds with the "Champ."

The "Champ" is bent.  Bent in a way that provides stimulation to your g-spot.  And the stimulation is nice.  There is a wide variety of vibes speeds to the "Champ" as well.  You can really, really feel the vibrations.  It actually provides alot of stimulation from the lowest setting and obviously on the highest setting.  And for all that buzzing it is still pretty quiet in the noise arena.

Sparring partners
The "Champ" is big.  Did I already mention that.  If you like your "Champ" big, I say go for it.  If you would like your champion to be in a different weight bracket the kind people at EdenFantasys offer a wide variety of sex toys.  You will surely find your perfect sparring partner with EdenFantasys.

And this is how the "Champ" measures up to my usual sparring partner  

I like my "Champ," but think it will take a few more rounds of sparring with it before I'm in its league!  Oh well, I see more training in my future!

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