Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fun with Sir

I've been with Sir for 3 months.  We have made such an easy, comfortable connection that it leaves me just amazed sometimes.  I feel so lucky.  I don't think I've said it recently, but I feel so lucky.  We seem to have just so much in common and it's just been easy.  It reminds me of an Eagles' song....peaceful, easy feeling.  But, I digress and that song doesn't really apply.

I enjoy reading older chat sessions with Sir.  Sessions from when we were just getting to know each other.  Some of them are racy. Like the day when I was particularly horny.  I had already attended myself a couple of times that day, but Sir wanted to be part of the solution as well.  So he just took charge....  Nice.  A couple of days later Sir really took charge.  Like total charge of when I could attend myself.  Which hasn't happened without his direction since.

And then there are the moments of maybe being a little too familiar a little too early.  Like the time we were chatting about morality standards and Sir says, "and then you toss in the evangelicals."

[insert cyber silence here]

But, in reality, I'm laughing my head off.  I consider that part of my twisted sense of humor that awkward moments are so funny to me.

And Sir follows with, "Hope you're not evangelical."

I'm actually thoroughly amused at this point, mainly because I am.  Evangelical, that is.  Although, apparently, I don't fit the stereotype.  Big surprise there!  Ha.

And the next breath Sir says, "You're not Republican, are you?"

Gulp. Up to this point, I had't been spanked by Sir.  But, I'm seriously wondering if that is going to change and I'm going to get one.  And a good one at that!

Funny.  I still think it's funny.   Sir has really strong political opinions.  And, actually, I don't.  I describe my political views on my Facebook as passionately apathetic.  And I'm not really.  Apathetic or Republican.

And more fun with Sir...  A few weeks ago, Sir was telling me what a good girl I was.  And that I really am.  A good girl, that is.  Really, I am.  Anyway...there is a bit of silence and I can almost feel the gears turning in Sir's head.  Finally he says, "You know for a good girl, you get an awful lot of spankings!"

Yep, Sir is clever.  Very clever.

So....thank you, Sir.  I may get more spankings than any good girl should, but you have made life fun.  Very fun, Sir.

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