Thursday, November 17, 2011

Escaping the Bounds

I got spanked last night.  Actually, I get spanked every night, but this was special.  Sir wants me to stay focused on him, so every evening I am to spank after dinner and to spank in the shower.  Fifty spanks to each butt cheek, both times. Because the spanking accompanies other things Sir has me do, the only time I don't spank is when I'm on my period.

That started yesterday. But, yesterday was just emotionally hard so I still just wanted to spank.  I did my shower spanking and let Sir know.  Well, hello.  DOM bells go off at that.  Sir was very happy I could still spank while on my period, so I got another spanking with him.  Sir spanked both butt cheeks 96 times - each.

...And sub bells go off at that.  I felt so free floating and deeper in submission at the same time.  How does that happen?  That you can go higher and deeper at the same moment?

I'm always amazed when I realize I've given Sir more.  More of what is still a bit indefinable.  More of me?  More control?  More access?  More submission?  All of know is that Sir could have asked for anything last night and it would have been his.  I was so free of holding onto anything I called mine.

Thank you, Sir.  SSO


  1. Hi,

    I gave you a Versatile Blogger Award...check out my blog:)!


  2. Kitty,

    I thought I responded to this!!! Maybe I emailed you, or responded on your post. I certainly hope I did. I will do my link this weekend! I hope to have some down time to get caught up on blogging.

    Thank you for the VBA.

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.