Sunday, November 27, 2011

That Something Feeling

I've written before about different mindsets I have at times when I tell Sir, "Yes Sir."  Sometimes, though, there is a feeling I get that I can't quite describe.  One of those times happened this morning when I read Sir's response to my morning email.

Sir gives me rituals to keep my focus on him.  To focus on my submission to him.  One of the rituals is a daily kneeling time.  This morning Sir added elements to my kneeling time.  The bulk of what Sir added is restated below:

"I feel that time is mine, a time when you focus on your submission to me. And I love that you do it blindfolded, collared, with your crotch rope and your ankles and knees tied. And I have decided I want you to give me even more during your kneeling time. Tie your breasts in bondage and insert your butt plug to show how you serve me."

My reaction to reading Sir's email puzzles me.  First, I never even questioned rather or not I would comply with the new requirements.  Something just happens to me when Sirs tells me to do something.  I tell Sir it makes a certain part of my anatomy twitch.  A good twitch.  That's the physical reaction.  But, there is an emotional reaction as well.  And I can't quite define it.  At least define it succinctly.  Something about it feels like bowing.  I have a slight hesitation using such a reverential term describing my submission to Sir.  It also feels like a releasing, like a giving of more.  It is such a feeling of pleasure for Sir to take more, to give Sir more, to feel more owned.

And I just say, "Yes Sir." And there is so much said in those two little words.

Yes Sir.  SSO.


  1. Thank you for sounds quite erotic and very submissive.


  2. totally agree poured out how nice and meaningful those two words are, hope you keep saying them for a long time to come.

    blossom xx

  3. Kitty, I tell Sir he has flipped my sub switch.

    blossom, i plan on it. :-)