Friday, January 2, 2015

Only Because I Hold You in the Highest Regard, Jane Austen has nothing on me!

Sir is still battling this pesky sickness.  It's hard seeing him feel this way.  I'm going to continue the current path of treatment though and give him multiple doses of TLC per day.

I woke up this morning, as is usual, to him stroking my back.  I love waking up next to him.  His hands are so warm. It feels amazing waking up to those warm hands touching me.  I nestle up next to him and we spoon.  It's like there is a place created just for me to cozy up beside him.

I normally love snuggling up into that special little cranny.  This morning though I had the task of telling Sir a difficult thing.

So instead of snuggling up in my cozy spot, I kinda sat up and said the thing that had to be said.

Sir, I have to tell you something.  And it is only because we have the deepest bond of love and affection that I can say this, but it is time WE take a shower.  It might be good if WE brush our teeth too!
What?  You don't like the smell of my pheromones?
At this point I have my face buried in my pillow and emphatically shaking my head "No!"

We laugh a little.  Snuggle some more.  And, because I made my protests known, we are heading directly to the shower.  Or so I thought.

Instead I feel his arm get a little tighter and simultaneously my body is tilted a little to the side.  I feel the chill of the room on my backside as he lowers the covers from around me.

I settle into this new place beside him.
We aren't taking a shower, are we, Sir?
No.  I have a few things planned and then we'll shower.


  1. Sounds like you two are having a wonderful time :) I assume you eventually made it to the shower? LoL

    Sorry your Sir is under the weather and hope he is feeling much better soon.