Sunday, August 21, 2016

Speaking of Gifts

I kinda have this knack for gift giving.  Maybe it can't be called a "knack" since it is purposeful.  I listen with the intent of knowing what gift to give someone.  Who knows why I do this.  I just really like to see that joyful surprise on someone's face when they open a gift they really like.

As I mentioned, though, in my last post, this is more than difficult to do for Sir. He really does have anything he wants.  Even though I can't get him a specific gift, I do generally know what he likes to do to me.  So he gets lots of things with which we can experiment.  My body being the experiment, that is.

That being said, Sir doesn't think his good girl likes butt play.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe because I always stop it because it makes me feel like I have to go.  Enough said about that, but is this a common reaction? I would like to know.

Well, good girl had to do something to show Sir she really does like butt play....  How better than with a gift?  Sir was flying in on Friday, so I had to be sure the gifts arrived before he did.  I sent Sir a teaser on Wednesday when the first package arrived.  I texted Sir a screenshot of the delivery notice and asked "what could be in that package?"  Sir didn't know.  He hadn't sent me anything.

Hmmm....what could this package be?
 After telling him I knew what was in the package and that it was a surprise for Sir, we had to just wait until Friday.

I'm not sure if Sir likes surprises, but he can usually guess a gift from his good girl is something he will enjoy using on me.  I had the boxes prominently staged so they couldn't go unnoticed.

Sir says I went "all Hollywood" for the staging.  I did fluff the pillows, but that's all really.

The package was a hassle to open, so Sir finally got a knife to open it up.  Note to self:  could you please just stop handing the guy things that could be used against you?  Good gosh woman...grow a brain!

Awww. Look.  It's all pretty and pink.  Just think how cute that's gonna be....up my butt.
"It bends," he says.  And then commences to bend it in all sorts of positions.  Another note to self:  Seriously, woman, could you just stop. Seriously stop just giving the guy these things.

Needless to say it was not long before we were in the bedroom testing out Sir's new toy.  Sir's review is that, "That's just a great toy. It's lets you do two things at once."

Sir is flying home in the morning so I'm trying to finish up this post before we head to bed.  I look up into the kitchen as Sir has just come in to get a glass of water.  What do I see, but him pick up a wooden spatula I used earlier while scrambling eggs.  He looks at it from a few angles and says, "oh, there are a couple of things this is good for." Just throw my hands up and say, "I surrender." Which is point, in truth.



  1. Very pretty lol. Love the pics and am so glad you were able to spend some time together :)

    I can't comment on your question sorry.


  2. Love the gift. Hope you both enjoyed it.


  3. Q: what's the question?
    A: love is the Answer.

  4. The hole in the right hand spatula looks particularly evil. I imagine that would add a little extra hurt. Ouch!