Saturday, May 7, 2011

Home Again, Home Again. Jiggity Jig.

Well, I am back in Texas. I had a wonderful time in San Diego. It really is, in my opinion, heaven on earth. Just gorgeous. Perfect weather and beautiful scenery. It really would take only the slightest (realistic) nudge and I would be there permanently in a heartbeat. Of course, I always get nudges from my family on the West Coast to move there. It would make more sense, since I am closer to them than the the Texas crew.

Oh well. The trip is over and I'm back to reality.

I did email EdenFantasys and let them know I would like to participate in the toy review program. Should be interesting. We'll see how my writing skills work on that! Hmmmm..... Maybe I should start reading some erotica just to prepare for it. ;-)

I went toy shopping while in San Diego. With my sister and niece, no less. See what I mean? They really are more my kind of people. Oh, I forgot. I'm back to reality.  I got some of those supposedly low pain tweezer nipple clamps.  Pfft!  Not!  Maybe I'm too enthusiastic and had them too tight, but tight they were. I didn't wear them too long.  Really just tried them on to see how they worked.  Oh and they have the little chain that I can pull.  That's nice.  That's better than the clothespins I've been using.  Clothespins don't always stay on when I try to pull them.

And I got a few other toys.  I will tell about those later because apparently I'm to start training with them soon.


And I'm willingly doing this to myself?  LOL.

Just wanted to say hello again.  I missed my blog family while away.

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