Saturday, September 10, 2011

Melting Away

You might have thought I would have written a post with this title when experiencing a streak of triple digit heat where I live.  Although at times I felt I was melting from that heat, the melting that I experienced this morning in service to Sir is much more blog worthy.

This morning's melt was not necessarily the result of heat.  Rather, it was a melting into Sir's hands.  Melting into his control. The melting away of tension. Maybe of resistance. Maybe areas of control. I gave myself to Sir's instruction.  Let everything else just fade away.

In the midst of play, Sir always asks me how I feel.  Sometimes I struggle to find the right words.  I have levels of "floatiness."  Those descriptions are more about, for lack of a better description, my physical reactions to our play.  Sometimes I am more aware of my emotional state.  I'm aware of my pleasure in serving Sir.  I enjoy pleasing him.  Serving him.  Making him happy.

This morning as we played it just seemed none of the terms I've used to describe how I feel were adequate -- or exact enough.

As Sir took me this morning I felt myself open more to him.  Both literally and figuratively.  I felt I wanted to be totally available.  My mind and body were totally free of everything except serving Sir.  I felt a release in my body and a relaxing.  Felt it all just melting away -- down my spine and out of my body.  Right into Sir's capable hands.


  1. mmmmm..I know this's mind - blowing and I also find it difficult to answer the question regarding my emotions...

    Do you think you could be in subspace, also?

    Ps. Thank you for following my blog, I also signed as your follower, best wishes for oyu and your Sir!

  2. Vulnerable - it could have been subspace. It certainly felt different...

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the follow.

  3. That's just such a wonderful and intoxicating feeling isn't it.

  4. greengirl - intoxicating is a superb way to describe it. I want more of it!