Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sir is a Storyteller

Before I get a spanking for insinuating that Sir tells fibs, I should clarify that Sir really does tell me stories.  Some days Sir's schedule allows us to chat during my lunch break.  Often during those breaks Sir tells me a fantasy scene. As Sir is telling this story, he has instructed me to spread my legs and rub myself over my slacks. (I'm behind my desk and the office door is closed so there is no unintended public exposure.)

Sir tells very good stories.  I definitely get all wrapped up in them.  A few days ago, the story involved a time when Sir had told me I was not allowed to speak.  Now, usually when Sir tells me stories I respond with how I am really reacting to it.  This time, since I wasn't allowed to speak in the story, I didn't speak in real time either.  However, as the story progressed, Sir kept teasing me and revving me up and bringing me to an edge of an orgasm and then would deny it.  Well, naturally I responded how I would if that were to really happen in real life. ALOT of frustration!!!  I was actually sitting at my desk wanting release.  I was also on the verge of pleading, "please let me cum, Sir."  Sir's story was one step ahead of me, however, and he said "even though you know you are going to me punished for speaking, you can't help it, you break your silence and beg for a cum." Whew. Fantasy me and Real me, were both VERY relieved to have the release!!!  Sir knows me so well....

And this particular story, Sir wrapped up with the cutest ending:  "And that is how you got your name, poured out, because the cums just pour out of you.


  1. That's so neat that your Sir tells you stories...very romantic, actually!


  2. It is very sweet and romantic, isn't it, Kitty? It has taken me a bit to wrap my head around the fact that Sir is both very much Dom and still tenderly affectionate. A study in contrast -- or maybe not?