Saturday, October 15, 2011

From Prim and Proper to Wanton and Whorish

This week an interesting thing happened on the way to the....well the place we were going!

I've had several significant occurrences with Sir this week.  It's kinda been like a roller-coaster ride.  Highs and lows, but a good ride nevertheless.  I'll be blogging about most of them (eventually!), but first I'll share the one that was most....well....shocking to me.

I wouldn't have thought there were boundaries between me and Sir. LOL! Shows how much I know. And how much I have to learn!

I still don't know what triggered the wall surrounding my inner whore to come down, but down it definitely came.  I've written in previous blogs that when we play Sir continuously asks how I am doing, what I am feeling?  And, as I've written before, I will respond either with how I feel about serving Sir, how I feel emotionally or physically.  The replies have been fairly contained to a few responses that are more actually fact based.

Well a switch flipped this week. A really big switch!

We had been playing for awhile.  There was something different about how I was responding, but I don't think I gave much thought to it, or if I could have defined it if I did. But, when Sir asked, "How are you feeling, my good girl," I knew. Immediately. I knew how I had been responding.  I knew how I felt.  I knew what I wanted to be.  I said, "I'm your whore, Sir."  "I feel like your whore, Sir."  And a wall came down.  I wouldn't have thought it possible, but I went from (if this really is even possible) a prim and proper little sub to Sir's wanton and whorish sub. 

It was such an emotional release. Sir continued to use me that night.  We didn't do anything physically we hadn't done before, but there was definitely a different quality to our play.  I felt I belonged to Sir more than ever before.  I think it was an emotional release for both of us.  It made me realize how much I was holding back.  What parts of me I had exposed to Sir.  And what parts I hadn't. What I had given to Sir. And what I hadn't given to Sir.

I also realized as well how patient Sir is with me.  He didn't hesitate to cross the boundary I had just lowered.  To push the wall further down.  But, he had waited for me to dismantle it first.  I'm constantly amazed how patient and understanding Sir is.

I feel so fortunate to have found Sir.  He makes my life so much better.  Can't imagine life without him anymore, really.

I'll post more about our interesting week later...


  1. It is amazing how a Master seems to know when the time is right....I waver between amzement and fear that it seems He can read my mind. abby

  2. I suspect that no matter how long I do this there will always be new walls to come down...

    Interesting post - thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks for sharing! It is amazing when walls come down.

    Love and hugs,

  4. abby - it is amazing how well Sir can read me!!!

    aisha - I suspect there will be more walls coming down as well.

    kitty - it was a complete amazement to me.

    Thank you all for stopping by. I love visitors!