Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wonder Time

I had a really bad dream this week.  I woke up with a dreadful feeling that I just couldn't shake.  I put a lot of stock in dreams.  Maybe too much, but I feel they are a reflection of what's going on in my subconscious that hasn't reached my conscious understanding yet. Or something that I'm aware of and just haven't resolved yet.  This particular dream fell into the latter category.

The dream was about a personal aspect of my relationship with Sir so I won't share what the dream entailed.  I really didn't want to tell Sir about it either.  I was concerned about how he would respond.  I knew I had to tell him though.  Although, I did ask if we could wait until the evening, when we had more time, to talk about it.

I was so amazed at how understanding Sir was about the dream. Talking about it opened up an area of conversation we hadn't had before.  It is so wonderful to feel so safe with someone.  So secure.

Sir is wonderful.  Really. Truly. Wonderful.

Sir and I had a good weekend.  We were able to spend time together both days.  Which was wonderful!  Absolutely wonderful.  Saturday I got a really good spanking.  I was almost floating just from the spanking.  But, then Sir spanked other parts.  I was really floating after that. 

This morning we caught up on some tv shows in the morning.  And later in the day we had more play time.  It was wonderful.  I really do love being with Sir.  I love pleasing him.  Love that I make him happy when I serve him.

I'm on the mend.  It has been a ROUGH two and half months.  ROUGH.  Sir has been wonderful though.  So patient and understanding.   I feel so safe with him.  That is a wonderful feeling.

Wonder times....



  1. One of the things that at first surprised me, but that I now love is that Master is willing to sit and talk out any issues. He will take the lead if I hesitate, and He will keep at it, until the air is cleared, and we both are on the same page again. It is sooo nice.

    1. It really is a wonderful thing to be able to communicate openly. Sir has helped me in that area so much.

  2. IT's lovely to be able to share your innermost thoughts and worries. KNowing that you wont be judged.

    There's nothing in the world that beats feeling safe with your man.

    1. It's amazing feeling that safe with someone. I've never had that before.