Saturday, March 16, 2019

Keep Listening

I know at times it doesn't seem possible. I know it seems like this is your fate. But, things can be better. You can survive. More than that you can live. What you thought would never happen - will. It will. You make a step one day and finally that step will work. It will start you in the right direction. And then step by step you will begin to leave that consuming dark hole - that shroud of hopelessness and despair. You will start to say "I'm going to be okay." And then will come THE day. The day you thought would never arrive. The day you thought could never arrive. The day you thought was just not meant for you. The day will come when you believe it. The day you know "I am okay.” It will happen. And you will have survived it. You have survived.

You may say "but you don't understand, you don't know what it is like." You are right. Everyone’s fight is unique to them. Everyone’s battle is personal. What torments you is not what torments others.  What is common is the belief it cannot change.

You may think these words are empty. To you right now they may make the hurt sear. They may pierce you in the place of sorrow that consumes because you have believed you are excluded from their hope. The words may anger you. Their promise seeming like a cruel false hope that taunts you. The sadistic ritual meant to show how cut off from their offered release. You may not even hear the words. Their silence the same as the unanswered pleas for rescue.

But, please keep listening for them. Because one day you will hear their whisper and you will turn to hear them. And you will take a step closer to hear them more clearly. And finally that step will work.


  1. What a wonderful message of hope for those struggling. I hope you are ok.


    1. Hi Roz. I'm good. I was going through my files and found this. It was strange because it just hit me one morning and just had "get it out." I saw the news about an hour later that Kate Spade had committed suicide. Gave me the chills.

  2. It's a beautiful piece of writing. *hugs*