Friday, August 19, 2011

Edenfantasys Toy Review

Momma always told me, "Honesty is the best policy."

Momma never guessed I would ever have to write a less than flattering review about a sex toy.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Seriously though, this has been a really difficult review to write.  I've pondered over it for days.  Weeks really.  So, I've decided to take momma's advice and just be honest.  (BTW, it's also what my contact at edenfantasys advised me to do as well.)

So, to be honest, I was super excited about the toy I had chosen to review.  Sir had expressed his interest in it and I do try to please Sir.  So when the opportunity arose I selected this simply delightful looking anal probe.

Oh yes, people.  Anticipation was high.  Sir and I have played with several anal toys.  So, I was very excited about the prospects to be had this toy. 

Well, I have to say I didn't enjoy the toy.  I thought it was too limber and I found it difficult to get much speed or thrust going with the beaded end.  Ohhhhh, if it were just a little more rigid.  I also found that it was difficult, after lubing, to get a really good grip on it.

We also tried playing with the toy as a dildo.  That was a little better, but I found that the surface was just too smooth and really didn't provide much stimulation for me.  But, that's just me.  Someone else may just want to just fill the ummmmmm appropriate cavity and not want the thrust I was anticipating.

So here's the upside. If I had read the reviews on edenfantasys, I would have known these things were an issue with this toy.  In my opinion, edenfantasys really does have the most helpful and detailed information, specifications and reviews of the sex toys they offer than any other site I have found.

So, lesson learned.  I will start reading the helpful product information provided by edenfantasys and become a much more informed consumer.


  1. Poured out - thanks for the review. Is there a specific anal toy you do like? I am thinking of purchasing one (LOL), probably a butt plug to use BEFORE my DM returns home in Nov/Dec. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm sorry the toy wasn't all you had hoped it would be.

    Take care, Sky

  2. Well, Sky, I still consider myself a novice at anal play (I never engaged in anal play before Sir), but I'll share what I've found so far.

    We've used a few different butt plugs. I really enjoy those. The first one we played with I bought while on vacation in San Diego. I threw it away because it was made of two separate pieces and it held water when I washed it. Just was not okay with me.

    The butt plug we currently use I really like. It's circumference is about 4 1/4 inches. Sir likes double penetration and this one does a nice job of making me feel full. I have another one that is 5 1/2 inches in circumference. I know it doesn't sound like much of a difference, but I've simply not been able to insert that plug fully. We've only tried it once though. So, right now I'm looking for another one that is in between the sizes.

    I also have another toy called the pacifier. It has graduated beads. I like this toy. I like the feel of the graduated beads and the tension they create. I would like beads that are a little larger, though. So, I'm looking for a new beaded toy as well.

    Through trial and error, I've learned to look at the dimensions of toys. And edenfantasys REALLY does offer the best product information that I've seen on the web. They have information on insertable length, circumference, material safety and lots of other stuff. Plus, pictures so you can really see the product.

    I guess my main advice would be just to play and find out what you like! Have fun experimenting!!!

    Thanks for asking. I hope this was helpful.

  3. I do always read the reviews thoroughly before picking a toy to review, and use the really helpful comparison tool as well. It's not that I feel compelled to write only positive reviews. Negative ones can be a lot of fun. But if I'm adding toys to my collection, they might as well be ones I'll enjoy using.

    Since I started writing reviews for EdenFantasys last spring, I've gone from thinking "Who needs sex toys?!" to having 2-3 favorites (not counting the butt plug) and looking forward to using them.

    Of course, I look forward to any opportunity to masturbate, since I always need permission first and this is tightly controlled. (Thank you, Hurricane Irene, for making me so crazy horny today that my Master decided to enjoy the products of my discomfort and allowed me to masturbate as long as I reported to him before, during, and after. This ill wind blew me a lot of good.)