Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I'm not sure if it is coincidence, if Sir "stalks" my comments, or (more than likely) Sir and I just like the same things, but I got my pussy spanked two times yesterday.

Oh, that is the beginning of a very good year!

And you may wonder why Sir wouldn't know how much I enjoy being spanked like that.  Well, I have this thing about not telling Sir my preferences.  I guess I would liken it to topping from the bottom.  To me, TTWD really is about what pleases Sir.  I am so happy so long as I am pleasing him.  So, I don't attempt to direct anything that happens in our sessions.  About the only thing I ever ask is if I can change positions, which means can I get off my knees.

I've never told Sir this.  He'll know now.  LOL. And I'm certain if Sir doesn't like this, it will change.


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  1. Happy New Year and seems to have started very well.