Sunday, January 22, 2012

To the Morning, Part II

I wrote a short little bit here about the session with Sir yesterday morning.  Those lines pretty much sum up the morning, but here are the details.

My schedule has been absolutely horrible lately.  Working late during the week and some on the weekends.  It has really cut into the time I have been able to spend with Sir. 

By the end of this past week, I was frazzled.  And mid-week I actually thought, "I just wished I could go home and let Sir use me."  Use me hard, actually.  I felt like that is what I needed to relieve the stress that has been building. Ever heard the saying, "Be careful what you wish for?"  LOL.  I'm a believer now!

Yesterday was the first day in weeks and weeks that Sir or I didn't have some kind of commitment or obligation on our time, so we were able to spend more time together.  I think we probably both needed that intensity to blow the lid off the pressure that had been building.  And Sir didn't waste any time getting there.

The butt plug was inserted and then clothespins put on my lips.  NOT the lips on my face.  Yeah....those lips.  Three on each lip.  A clothespin went on each nipple and then several more on each boob.

Then the spanking started.  I was okay for the maybe the first half of the first round on the first cheek.  Then, it started getting hard to concentrate.  By the beginning of the first round of the second cheek it was definitely hard to concentrate.  See, I have to count out each spank. And I was having difficulty doing that. By the end of the first round on both cheeks, I think I was sweating.  And I could feel my muscles start to tremble.  I was just trying to cope with the pain.  And the minutes just kept ticking away.

By the end of the second round on the first cheek again, I was definitely sweating, plus I was breathing hard just trying to concentrate on counting.  I got through the second round of spanking on the first cheek, but I was losing it.  Quickly.  All I could think though, beside trying to keep count, was there was absolutely no way I was going to ask to stop.  It really was what we both needed.  Badly.  We needed it badly.  But, the minutes just kept ticking on.

Thoughts of my own obvious lunacy kept popping into my head.  I just kept thinking, "We both need this."  Shortly into the second round of spanking on the second cheek, the pain was blinding.  It was all I could do to keeps from ripping those stinkin' pins off me.  But trust me, I was calling them just "stinkin" at the time.  My gawwwwdddd. I thought I was going to die.

I lost count.  The pain was so blinding I really couldn't concentrate on what number we were on.  I told Sir so.  He told me what number.  I must have repeated it.  We continued with the spanking, but not for much longer.  I don't know when we stopped.

Sir had me get back in bed.  And we took the pins off.  At this point they had been on awhile.  OMG! I'm sure I screamed.  I'm sure I screamed some profanities!  Not my normal habit, but OH MY GOD, it hurt.  The pins came off the boobs first.  With each one that came off, I think my anxiety rose thinking about how much it was going to hurt when they came off my lips.

The whole time Sir was telling me how much I had pleased him.  He knew how intense that was for me, but I had pleased him so much by taking that pain for him.  Calling me his good girl. Finally, the pins were off my lips as well.

And I can't really describe the feeling that flooded me.  And I mean flooded.  It was like euphoria.  It was amazing.  I was so happy that Sir was so pleased.  I felt like liquid joy.  Like I was a pool of water and Sir had his hands in the water.  It was amazing.

Sir said something.  He probably asked how I was feeling.  He always asks how I am feeling.  I don't know what my response was, but whatever it was it made Sir think I wanted to stop.  I told him I didn't mean I was ready to stop, so we continued.  We didn't continue long though, or at least I don't think we did, before I was really out of it.

It was a beautiful morning.  I was so happy to be able to give to Sir what I did.  I was so happy that he was pleased.  I love making Sir happy.  I love pleasing him.  I am so happy to give him what he needs.

Thank you Sir


  1. So happy for you both :)

    Hearing the good girls and knowing how much you've pleased your Sir, is what it's about really, isn't it?

    You sound blissful.

    Fondly. Sky

  2. Thank you, Sky. Bliss is a good description.

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