Saturday, January 21, 2012

My auto-correct is on to me

On the way home from work yesterday, I did something I rarely (wished I could say never) do.  I was chatting with Sir on the drive home.  I don't type when I do this. I use that handy speech to text function.

He didn't know I was on my way home.  He eventually asked, "are you still at work, or are you on your way home?"

I replied, "I'm almost home, Sir."

The phone auto-corrected to "I'm almost home to serve."

LOL.  Six of one.  Half a dozen of the other.

But, I'm telling auto-correct is on to me.



  1. Very cute! The other day Daddy was trying to text me, "Just a sec."...instead it got sent as "Just asexual." Lol! I was thinking..."What?!" and then he texted, "Autocorrect."


  2. LOL. Auto-correct can be a mess! I would have been wondering about "just asexual" for sure. When I told Sir, he said he would have thought I wrote the line that way!