Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How's a Girl to Work?

Tell me people....How's a girl to concentrate on work when her Sir is tormenting her with words and pictures of what he wants to do to her?

Thanks to the wonderful technology behind smartphones, Sir and I often get to chat during the day.  I love being connected to Sir during the day.  It always makes me feel so close to him.

Sir was particularly chatty yesterday.  Actually, Sir is always chatty.  He is a communicator, which is something he is helping me with.

The day before yesterday was an especially difficult day for me.  Those pesky family issues.  I find myself so burdened by them that I feel I'm drowning.  Sir is like my lifesaver.  He keeps me from going under.  I think he really has no clue just how true that is.

Anyway..... I don't know if yesterday was an attempt to keep me from spiraling into those dark thoughts, or if Sir was just in a mood (yeah, you know, that kind of mood).  Either way, he certainly kept me from spiraling into those ugly places and spun me, alternatively, in an entirely different direction.

He kept my mind quite occupied with scenes and possibilities, desires and fantasies, wants and wants more....

Here is an excerpt.  This is how Sir torments me.

Sir: i love thinking of the things i like to do to you and that you love what i do to you
9:35 AM i love to think of standing before you and slowly unbuttoning your blouse button by button as the anticipation builds...and then i remove your blouse and your big boobs are encased in your bra
  and then i unfasten your bra and tell you to present your boobs to me...and you cup your boobs and ask me to take them and use them for my pleasure
9:36 AM and i cup your boobs and start playing with them and fondling them and caressing them and squeezing them until you start to moan
9:37 AM and i ask if you are wet and you say yes sir so i pull your slacks down and and then peel your panties down until your full bush pussy is before me and i put my hand between your legs and insert my fingers and you are sopping wet
9:38 AM and then i take my fingers out and suck your juices off of them and then get another batch and feed you your juices. Sir: and then i attach a leash to your collar and lead you to the couch where i put you over my knee for an OTK spanking with the spatula i just bought for this purpose
  first i rub your ass to get it ready and put my hand between your legs to see how wet you are getting in anticipation of the spanking
9:46 AM and then i start the spanking, methodical and hard as you count each one ..i start slowly and then increase the speed until you can barely keep count
9:47 AM and i keep spanking,  and your ass is getting red as you swing your legs and i tell you to stay still
9:49 AM i take a break and rub your ass and then i continue until you are a bright shade of red
9:50 AM and then i get you up and lead you to the bedroom and tie you spread-eagle to the bed and as i pick up the spatula again, you know what is coming -- a pussy spanking. and it makes u gush thinking about having your pussy spanked.

And that's mild compared to some that came later.

I was getting a little shaky from the nervous thrill of just reading the scenarios Sir wrote to me. The man effects me people.  Seriously effects me....  And I love every minute of it.

Thank you, Sir



  1. Who the heck cares about work, lol, when you've got this.

  2. Oh, my! It does sound quite fun;)!


  3. butterfly, you are sooooo right! work can wait.

    Kitty, things are always exciting with Sir!