Thursday, April 14, 2011

And the Bookworm Has Arrived

Yay!  My books came in today.  I am super excited about delving into them.  Nom nom nom (that's the bookworm eating up the books).  Have I mentioned I'm a word slut.  Strings of words affect me even more!  I can't even begin to say the effect that well formed prose has upon me.  Yum.

Oops!  I digress.   Back to the bookworm....

Four books came in the mail today:
  • The Loving Dominant, John and Libby Warren
  • Different Loving, Gloria and William Brame
  • Erotic Surrender, Claudia Varrin
  • Conquer Me, Kacie Cunnigham

And I have more in mind to purchase.  I'll practice some self control, however, and at least wait until these are read.

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  1. Let us know your thoughts about the books. Hope you enjoy them.